Stay motivated this Year

stay motivated

‘Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.’

Did you know over 38% of people have ‘exercise more’ as their New Year’s Resolution according to a ComRes Poll? However, no matter how motivated we are when we set our resolutions, over half of us will fail to keep them.


So how can you stick to your exercise goals?

Many people believe that a habit takes 21 days to form so their gym attendance should be a regular occurrence if they make it to the end of January. However this ‘21 days to form a habit’ is a myth. The scientist behind it, Dr Maltz, actually said ‘it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell’. That was in the 1950’s and over time self-help professionals have distilled this into the 21 day habit myth.

Studies actually show that the time taken to form a habit, such as going to Zumba or Pilates classes on a regular basis, depends on each individual. So your behaviour and circumstances will dictate your own habit forming timescale which can be anywhere from two to eight months on average. That’s a long time so we have three top tips to help get you to the gym or those exercise classes on a regular basis.


Three steps to get you to the gym regularly

  1. Set yourself a reminder.

    This is the trigger to encourage you to take the step to get to your training session, Les Mills CX Worx class or circuit training. You could use the alarm on your phone and block time out in your diary – if it’s not ringfenced you’ll be tempted to book other things in and you won’t have the time to get to the club. The alarm will remind you it’s time to go.


  2. Make it a routine.

    Put your gym kit in your bag by the front door in the evening to remind you to go the next morning before work. Or if you go after work, put your gym bag in the car ready – pop the bag on the front seat on the way to the club to reinforce your good intentions. Tell people you are going or even better, arrange to go with a friend. The accountability will help you get there as no one likes to let their friend down and if you’ve joined one of the football teams, you can’t let the whole team down!


  3. Reward yourself for going.

    Track your progress using a fitness app or use social media to monitor how you’re getting on – check in at the Holbrook Club on Facebook when you arrive so you keep a record of your visits. Once you’ve completed a certain number of visits or reached a personal goal, reward yourself with a new piece of exercise kit, a new gym bag or perhaps a massage.


Follow the plan

If you use the three steps above each time you plan to go to Body Balance, Circuits or other gym session then you’ll start to form the habit of exercising regularly. You’ll start to see and feel the benefits of being more healthy and this will spur you on to continue. However, If you are struggling with your resolution to get fit and would like some help and support, please talk to one of our expert personal trainers here at the Holbrook Club who will be very happy to help you.

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