Wimbledon Tennis Tickets & Social Tennis Fun

The Holbrook Club has three superb tennis courts and an enthusiastic group of members who run the clubs tennis section organising social sessions and tournaments. The Club is always looking for new people to join in our social sessions on Sunday mornings, from beginners to more experienced players. If you are interested in taking part then come along Sunday morning from 10am or if you would like further information contact the club for more details.

Would you like tickets for next year’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

The Holbrook Club is a registered LTA venue and therefore as a Holbrook member you can register for FREE LTA lite membership giving you access to the Wimbledon Ballot and the chance to get tickets. The registration process doesn’t take long and just make sure you put The Holbrook Club as you venue

If you are not an existing Lite Member

  • Go to www.lta.org.uk/membership
  • Click Join as a Team Member
  • When asked if you belong to a LTA Registered Venue, select (enter club name) from the drop down menu
  • Upon completing your application you will be sent an email to verify the email you have signed up with. Please do make sure you follow the instructions to activate your account
  • Sign into your account and make sure you select to opt in for the Wimbledon ballot and you will need to do this each year.

If you are already an LTA Member

  • Sign into your account and make sure we are your registered club
  • Select to opt in for the Wimbledon ballot

So don’t miss out on some social tennis fun and the chance to grab some Wimbledon tickets.



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