YourZone45 Horsham

What is YourZone45?

YourZone45 provides 45 minute HIIT workouts in small group environments, giving you the feeling of attending a personal training session. Each workout is split into blocks which feature 8 x 4 minute blocks, with rests in between. The workouts integrate cardio and weight training and are designed to increase and decrease your heart rate and kick start your metabolism.

Benefits of Horsham’s YourZone45

There are a range of benefits to regularly attending YourZone45 HIIT classes, such as:

  • High amount of calories burned in each class – on average around 400 calories
  • You can continue burning calories for up to 36 hours AFTER a YourZone45 class
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Easily work towards and achieve your fitness goals

Discover more about the classes and how to join here.


Class timetable

We run 39 classes per week at a range of times throughout the day, so you are bound to find a class to suit your schedule.

See our timetable of classes below:

06:15-07:00 YZ4506:15-07:00 YZ4506:15-07:00 YZ4506:15-07:00 YZ4506:15-07:00 YZ4508:00-08:45 YZ45
07:30-08:15 YZ4507:30-08:15 YZ4507:30-08:15 YZ4507:30-08:15 YZ4507:30-08:15 YZ4509:15-10:00 YZ45
09:30-10:15 YZ4509:30-10:15 YZ4509:30-10:15 YZ4509:30-10:15 YZ4509:30-10:15 YZ4510:30-11:15 YZ45
17:30-18:15 YZ4517:30-18:15 YZ4510:30-11:15 YZ4517:30-18:15 YZ4510:30-11:15 YZ45
18:45-19:30 YZ4518:45-19:30 YZ4512:15-13:00 YZ4518:45-19:30 YZ4512:15-13:00 YZ45
20:00-20:45 YZ4520:00-20:45 YZ4516:30-17:15 YZ4520:00-20:45 YZ4516:30-17:15 YZ45
18:45-19:30 YZ4517:30-18:15 YZ45
20:00-20:45 YZ4518:45-19:30 YZ45

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