What is Zumba?

Zumba is a fun and energetic Latin dance class made up of both aerobic and resistance training as well as having a good social side to it. Faster paced songs will really get you moving around and the heart rate going, while the slower paced are great for improving 6the endurance of your muscles. Consisting of simple, easy to follow movements Zumba will get you burning calories in an exhilarating way. On average, 369 calories are burnt per session, making it an ideal way to tone-up and burn fat with a smile on your face. Zumba is great for a wide range of ages, and particularly females.

We currently run Zumba on:

  • Tuesday: 8-9pm

  • Thursday: 7-8pm

  • Saturday: 10-11am

Members pay £4.00 and Non-Members pay £6.00

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