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coaching/ matchplay practice & tennis related fitness

Mini Tennis in Sports Hall (Red ball) 5-8 yrs                         9.00-10.00 a.m

Orange/Green/Yellow Ball Improvers 9-13  yrs                    10.00-12.30 p.m 

Yellow Ball Match-players                                                             11.30-  2.00 p.m                              

Course Dates: Tue 9th   , Wed 10th   , Thurs 11th April              

Course fees: 

Mini tennis  1 hour session in sports hall

Holbrook Club Members   £10.50 per session or £29.00 for 3 day course

Guests*:    £11.50 per session or £31.00 for 3 day course.

 Outside court 2.5 hour session.

Holbrook Club Member £21.50 per session or £61.50 for 3 day course

Guests:   £24.00 per session or £69.00 for 3 day course.

 5% discount on above prices for siblings if booked on same full course 

 Full payment is due when signing up.  

 To register or for any enquiries please contact:

 Mike Costa  Head Tennis Coach  

(LTA Accredited +  Level 4 Coach)

B.Ed (Hons)   M.A


Mobile: 07944775262





The Autumn Term Tennis Programme is starting very soon!  Our busy weekly programme caters for Youth Start red ball mini tennis (age 4.5 -8 yrs) juniors on outside courts (age 9 upwards) & adults at all levels. 

Individual & group lessons available. Beginners very welcome! 

Please contact Mike Costa (Head Tennis Coach) for further details. Mobile 07944775262 Email :

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Orange/Green/Yellow Ball Match players Improvers 9.30am – 12pm

Yellow Ball Match-players 11.00am – 1.30 pm

Mini Tennis (Red ball) 5-8 yrs Sports Hall 1.30pm – 3pm

Dates: Course: Wed 25th ,Thurs 26th ; Fri 27th October


Mini tennis 1.5 hour session.   Outside court 2.5 hour session

To register or for any enquiries please contact:

Mike Costa Head Tennis Coach   (LTA Accredited +Level 4 Coach)

Email:   Mobile: 07944775262

The Holbrook Club has a constantly developing Junior tennis program across the week, with some promising players coming through.  Older Junior members also have the opportunity to mix in with the tennis playing Seniors during club sessions, charity tournaments and some coaching sessions.

Red Level (Indoors/ LTA approved foam ball or Price red/yellow ball:  Ages 8 & under
Orange Level (Outdoors/ restricted court, lower net and lighter ball.):  Ages 9 & under
Green Level (Outdoors/full court, ball 40% lighter):  Age 9/10
Yellow Ball (Outdoors/full court, regular ball):  Ages 11 and upwards

Please note that the above age groups are approximate indicators, and players may well be moved depending on their playing standard.

The majority of our Juniors have an LTA rating, and there are opportunities for players at any levels to have fun and participate in competitions that the club run throughout the year.

Dedicated match players are encouraged to enter Sussex LTA events for their respective age group, run at The Holbrook Club and at other LTA affiliated tennis clubs in the area.

Saturday Junior Tennis Sessions

GroupLocationAge (approx)Time
Mini Tennis Red BeginnersSports Hall5 to 8 Years9am to 10am
Beginners/ImproversSports Hall9 to 12 Years9am to 10am
Mini Tennis Red Ball ImproversSports Hall6 to 8 Years10am to 11am
Yellow Ball Club Match PlayersOutside Courts11 to 17 Years10am to 11am
Orange/Green Ball Match PlayersSports Hall8 to 10 Years11am to 12pm
Yellow Ball Club Match PlayersOutside Courts12 to 17 Years11am to 12pm
Orange/Green Ball/Yellow Ball Beginners & ImproversOutside Courts9 to 14 Years12am to 1pm

To enquire about enrolling your child in our Tennis Programme please contact Mike Costa, the Holbrook Clubs Senior Tennis Coach, at

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