HIIT Studio

The Holbrook Club has it’s very own HIIT Studio . Our HIIT studio focuses on providing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, but with a difference.

Out HIIT sessions use MyZone heart rate monitors to track and report on each of the individual users workouts to help them to improve their health and fitness. We run 25+ classes per week, these are taken by our fully qualified trainers, find out more about the classes and when they run below.

What are HIIT Sessions?

HIIT session provide 45 minute HIIT workouts in small group environments, giving you the feeling of attending a personal training session. Each workout is different, with the formats changing weekly, and the exercises daily. The different workout formats allow for the emphasis to change, whether that be a more strength, or aerobic-based session. Our HIIT workouts are designed to increase, and decrease your heart rate in order to kick start your metabolism.
What could you achieve?

Every class is different and you will never do the same workout routine twice, but they all focus on the same core factors:

● Burn calories quickly
● Increase your heart rate
● Build strength
● Get fitter

Using Myzone belts, class attendees can monitor and track their current workout using metrics such as heart rate and calories burned. The belts are tailored to your height, weight and age, meaning members are only competing against their own progress and not other members of the class, making it an enjoyable experience for all no matter your level of fitness or age.

Benefits of HIIT Sessions

There are a range of benefits to regularly attending our HIIT classes, such as:

● High amount of calories burned in each class
● You can continue burning calories for up to 36 hours AFTER your session finishes
● Real time tracking and monitoring, through the use of Myzone heart rate technology
● Easily work towards and achieve your fitness goals

Discover more about the classes and how to join here.

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Class timetable

We run 25+ classes per week at a range of times throughout the day, so you are bound to find a class to suit your schedule.

See our timetable of classes below:

06:15-07:00 HIIT06:15-07:00 HIIT06:15-07:00 HIIT06:15-07:00 HIIT06:15-07:00 HIIT08:00-08:45 HIIT
07:30-08:15 HIIT07:30-08:15 HIIT07:30-08:15 HIIT07:30-08:15 HIIT07:30-08:15 HIIT09:15-10:00 HIIT
09:30-10:15 HIIT12:15-13:00 HIIT09:30-10:15 HIIT09:30-10:15 HIIT09:30-10:15 HIIT10:30-11:15 HIIT
12:15-13:00 HIIT17:00-17:45 HIIT12:15-13:00 HIIT12:15-13:00 HIIT12:15-13:00 HIIT
17:00-17:45 HIIT18:00-18:45 HIIT18:00-18:45 HIIT17:00-17:45 HIIT17:00-17:45 HIIT
18:00-18:45 HIIT18:00-18:4500 HIIT

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