Benefits of Group Exercise

The benefits of participating in Group Exercise has been well documented and long understood throughout the Fitness industry.  title-classes

There are, of course, the physical benefits associated with any exercise that is undertaken, but the additional benefit of Group Exercise tend to be psychological.  From taking part in a weekly class, participants gain social interaction and gain new friends which leads to a feeling of wellbeing.  They also gain the all important extra incentive to get off the sofa – nobody likes to let their friend down that they have promised to meet at the class!

With this in mind, perhaps you may be interested to know that we have classes at the Club for all levels and abilities, from Zumba to Circuits, and Pilates to 50+ …… AND we shall be adding more to the list in 2014 with the addition of Les Mills Body Combat and Les Mills CXWorx in the near future so keep an eye out for those coming to The Holbrook Club soon.

Rob, our Fitness Manager, is a strong advocate of Group Exercise classes, especially for people who want to get in shape but are unsure of what they are meant to be doing, or if you just dislike the hustle and bustle of the gym.  Rob says:

“Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness fanatic group exercise is the place for you. It’s an instructor led programme to keep you motivated, have fun and stay healthy. There are a range of programmes to help with all your goals. Whether you want to relax and loosen up after a long day with a Pilates class or get your party on in Zumba, you will reap the rewards.
Group exercise is more than just exercise… it’s having fun with a great group of people. Socialising and making new friends at the same time as getting that body you’ve always wanted.  There is no need to have extensive knowledge of exercises as the routines are led by instructors who will guide you step by step through the programme. Not sure what’s the right class for you? Call a member of the Gym Team and we can direct you in the right direction.”

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