CXWorx at the Holbrook Club

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Have you tried our new CXWORX class yet? If not, why not?!

If you are looking to gain stronger and more toned core, hips, bum and back then this is most definitely the class for you!

CXWORX is a short, sharp class that only takes 30 minutes out of your day, as well as being enjoyable thanks to the class atmosphere and fantastic music. Believe me when I say that it is extremely effective! Through a combination of hovers, ‘L’ presses, leg extensions, rows, speed leg drops and much, much more we will have you working your core in ways that you would never imagine, whether it be working with your own bodyweight or our latest resistance tubing!

Comprised of 6 tracks, each with their own individual focus, you will get the complete core workout to keep you perfectly balanced and aligned with great posture. With regular new releases including new tracks and exercises, we will provide the variation that your body needs to succeed.

Whether you are new or more experienced, CXWORX can be catered for everybody as we will teach you how to reduce/increase the intensity as required. No matter what your level of experience, you will feel yourself growing stronger and stronger with each class as your core becomes more and more toned!

If you like to start your day right with an early morning class or de-stress after work at an evening class, our flexible timetable caters for all options with early morning, lunchtime and evening classes. And to top it all off, all of this for only £2.50 for members and £5 for guests. Don’t forget that all classes are free to our peak gym members!

So book on to our next class today, for that well-conditioned and toned core that you’ve always wanted!

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