Family disco fun

The Holbrook Club has long been associated with a family-friendly atmosphere, and nothing demonstrates this more than our regular Family Disco Night.  So what, exactly, goes on at these Disco’s?

Doors open at 6.30pm and for those brave of heart it is straight onto the dance floor.  Others prefer a more measured approach and like to fuel up on jacket potatoes & tuna, or chilli & chips from our cafe, before embarking on anything too energetic!

There are dancing competitions for the kids, and Mum & Dad don’t get a free ride, they have to get up and dance too.  This is often helped by a quick trip to the bar for some Dutch courage!

Whatever your age, our Family Disco Nights are full of fun for everyone, the kids can burn up their endless energy on the dance floor, and adults can sit back and enjoy a (not very quiet!) sociable drink or two.

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