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We asked our Gym Manager, Rob, about the need for the correct footwear when running:

The sun is poking his head out and a few of you may be thinking: “Ahhhh, time to work on my summer beach body.” The first thing that most of us will try before joining a gym or a class is road running. It’s effective, fun and outdoors! However, very quickly injuries can appear. This could be due to a number of factors; poor conditions on the road, not warming up, funky running style or it could be your equipment.

Running shoes are specifically designed to aid your running style and provide support and comfort. Everyone walks and runs differently so your friends’ footwear may not be the best shoes for you. To work out what is right, you need to consider lots of factors including:

1)      If your foot turns in (eversion) – When your feet tilt in towards the centre of your body

2)      If your foot turns out (inversion) – When your feet tilt away from the centre of your body

3)     If your foot is in a neutral position – When your foot has no obvious tilt

4)      If you are a heel striker – When you run heel first

5)      If you are a forefoot runner – When you run toe first

6)      If you are a mid foot runner – When you run on the middle of your foot

It can be hard to identify what kind of runner you are. Come and see a member of The Holbrook Club gym team to discuss your running style, or head down to Up & Running in Horsham where they will identify your running style and find the right shoes for you.

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