Introducing the Holbrook History blog

In a recent tidy up of a long forgotten cupboard at The Holbrook Club, I stumbled across a dusty and cobwebbed set of folders that were bursting at the seams.  Despite my strong aversion to all things arachnid, I swallowed my fear of our 8 legged friends and began to tentatively retrieve each folder, one at a time, and study their content.

To my delight, each folder contained an array of old photograph slides and brochures and newspaper clippings from days gone by at the current site of The Holbrook Club.  From the days when all around was still farmland, through to the 1st Annual Open Day (1969) up to more recent events in the 1990’s, there was a history of the site just waiting to be discovered.

This blog will share those memories of years gone by for all to see and enjoy, it would be a crime to return them back to the cupboard for another 50 years.  We hope you enjoy taking a journey back in time with us.

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