Race Day, almost….

As I write this it’s a little over 24hrs until my first 100 miler of the year, and ever come to think of it. To be honest I haven’t given much thought to the rest of the year, it’s all about tomorrow! Get through this and I’ll be mentally ready for whatever the other 3 have got to throw at me.

By the time you read this I may well have started or indeed finished so any prediction I try to make could make me look pretty stupid. In view of that I’ll stick with my original plan and go for a sub 24 finish, around the 23:30 mark. I have another time in my head  I’m going to try to hit and I’ll let you know what that was after the event.

In the week since my last blog I’ve had a week off hard running, tapering more than I ever have – just 6 miles this week & a bit of cycling to loosen the legs  – and prepping my kit. Inevitably my legs now feel heavy and I get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs!

On top of that I’ve enjoyed what can only be described as “tapernoia” whereby I’ve had a load of phantom pains throughout my body that I’ve become convinced will rule me out the race. As soon as they come they go, and I then move on to the next encroachment of my sub conscious into my conscious trying to sow little seeds of doubt.

Kit wise, I’ve packed, repacked and repacked again! My food & drink supplies have been calculated and split into bags to give to my crew.

Aaaah my crew!

There’s no way I could do what I’m about to do without them. I’ve got a team of 9 people helping at various points of the day, including a pacer with me for the last 22.5miles. I think they’re all  there as I’ve given them permission to hurl abuse at me if I start moaning when they see me at checkpoints but they are all my heroes for the sacrifice & commitment they’re giving to me. I’m a very lucky person so I thank: Paul B, Charley, Paul F, Chris, Rachel, Andrew, Louise, Dan & Heather (Pacer); individually & collectively. You guys are my inspiration. Same again in June yeah?

So here we go. The talk is done. By Sunday Morning I’ll be the proud owner of a “100 mile in one day” buckle. That’s sent a little tingle down my spine. I’m ready.

You can follow my progress on race day here http://www.centurionrunning.com/thames-path-100-2014 which will have a ‘live’ link tomorrow and via my twitter feed @ultrabevo.

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