Sport still at the heart of the Club

Sport has been at the heart of the Club for decades, and has always involved men and women, old and young, all participating to various levels and abilities with the main aim of meeting new people, having fun and hopefully winning too!

Today we are all encouraged to exercise for a healthy lifestyle, to get us up and active in our day to day life, and I’m sure that was the case back in the 1970’s.  But what struck me in these photos was the warmth of the sports.  Yes, they were no doubt going out to the wicket to win, or serving for a match point with a desire to beat the opponent, but there was clearly camaraderie amongst competitors, and I like to think that these valiant competitors enjoyed a well earned sociable drink in the Pavilion Hall after their sporting efforts.

The Club still maintains many strong Sports Section, with some sections playing for fun and others chasing trophies and medals.  That is the beauty of The Holbrook Club; the social and the sport go hand in hand, so whatever your ability you are always welcomed with warmth.

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