Working to lower our Emissions

Here at the Holbrook Club we are very conscious of our energy consumption.  With such a large and ageing site that is open for so long we recognise that our carbon foot print has been a bit bigger then we may have liked.  As such over recent months we have embarked on a key strategy to reduce our energy consumption and subsequent costs to the business – LED lighting.

It was not that long ago that LED technology was in its infancy – so much so that there was no BSI for the technology.  As a result LED spot bulbs and lights in general were often expensive, took ages to get any kind of quality light emitting and you could not install the light bulbs without installing a significant number of transformers.

Now, however the situation is very different.  So much so that we opted to install LED floodlighting on our new courts.  The forecast costs for lighting this space using LED spotlights is less than 50% of what it would cost using traditional lighting.

Furthermore we were fortunate enough to receive funding through West Sussex County Council to completely renovate all of the existing spot lighting in the club and replace all of these bulbs with LED’s.  We were fortunate enough to be one of a select group of business throughout the County to receive finance through the Councils partnership with the Sustainable Business Partnership.  We swapped out 152 light bulbs throughout the whole club replacing our standard 30 or 5o WATT bulbs with 3 or 5 WATT LED’s. The quality of light has not been compromised and we, as a club, will benefit greatly from these energy expenditure reductions.

LED lights installed in the main pavilion.

LED lights installed in the main pavilion.

For more information and to see what other local projects have been supported by the Sustainable Business Partnership have a look here.

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